Online aquarium consultation service

What we offer?

Our online fish consultation service is there to help you with any queries or problems you are having with your fish. This service allows you to book a zoom/skype or phone call with us to discuss any problems you are having with your fish or aquarium setup. Whether your goldfish is sick or your koi pond filter isn't working properly we are here to help. With expertise in all areas of the ornamental aquarium hobby we will do our best to trouble shoot your problems from anywhere in the world!

Our experince and Qualifications

why choose us?

  • With over a decade of experience, we specialize in Goldfish, marine, tropical and Coldwater aquaria

  • We can provide you with virtual help no matter where in the world you may be 

  • Our service can be tailored to your needs, we can do both video and phone calls as well as regular checkups

  • Our rapid response trouble shooting can often save many £100's or £1000's worth of live stock instead of waiting for a maintenance contractor or having to travel to your local fish store who potentially are trying to sell you unnecessary products 

  • Our service is unbiased as we do not sell or promote any products, therefore you can trust us to provide honest reliable information 


Gold fish

The heart of our brand specializes in goldfish, we can offer assistance in treatments, swim bladder help and general upkeep and maintenance help.



We have many years of experince in maintaining koi ponds as well as hand selecting fish in japan, feel free to contact us with any help or queires you have with you pond or fish


Marine aquariums

Day in day out we have constant experience of the installation and maintenance of reef tanks. We can help virtually assist you in the maintenance or trouble shotting on your home aquaria.

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Book an appointment



Prices start from just £16.95 for a 15 minute zoom appointment. we also offer longer appointments as well as phone calls to suit your needs. please feel free to get in touch for a personalized quotation.

To simply book an appointment please email us directly at Fancygoldfishfanatics@gmail.com or feel free to use the contact form at the bottom of the page, we can then tailor our services to your needs and send over our terms and conditions. 

Email us at - Fancygoldfishfanatics@gmail.com or use the contact form at the bottom of the page with your order or enquiries.
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£16.95 on all sizes

We offer our T shirts in a size to fit all

Our shirts are 100% cotton and come with full money back guarantee if your product is damaged or faulty.

please see below for size chart.


We are finally pleased to announce that our signature FGF shirt is now available. All T shirts will be posted out to you within 3 business days of your order arrival. generally we aim for our products to arrive to you within 6 business days, but please allow up to 10 before contacting us if your product hasn't arrived. 

Delivery-  UK delivery is FREE however please contact us for international delivery.