Recommended retailers

  • Largest coldwater fish selection in Europe

  • Budget-friendly with fish from £10-£100's

  • Large pond and coldwater selection 

Star fisheries

Star Fisheries has now been established for nearly 40 years. They are the leading Fancy Goldfish Specialist in Europe offering an excellent selection of Fancy Goldfish. The original founder and owner of Star Fisheries, Andy Green, is still actively involved with the running of the business on a day to day basis. His background of breeding and showing Fancy Goldfish at the very highest level combined with nearly 40 years of commercial experience, gives him a considerable amount of expertise, invaluable to the success of Star Fisheries. Their fish are sourced from around the globe, buying the very best Fancy Goldfish they can find, thus giving you, the customer, an opportunity to acquire some quality fish. Now as the owners of The Goldfish Society Of Great Britain further gives an opportunity to offer you their Customers an excellent way forward if you wish to become more involved in this wonderful Hobby.


TH Goldfish

  • Great selection of fancy goldfish from all over Thailand

  • Expansive knowledge in ponds and filtration systems

Northants Goldfish

Northants Koi Ltd, a new approach to buying Japanese Koi whist keeping traditional values, keeping good quality water and healthy fish all year round.

Here at Northants Koi we have undergone some vast improvements over the last year, we have relocated which has allowed us to build new improved ponds equipped with the latest filtration system.

Northants Koi Lts is run by Steven Bason, a Koi enthusiast who has been dealing with koi for 25 years, he has vast knowledge about Koi, filtration systems and of course Koi food.  Steven's passion for fish, particularly Koi started when he was around 15 years old, visiting his pap's pond regularly. His own father was a very keen Koi enthusiast too, where he taught him how to look after Koi and keeping the water healthy.  Steven built his first pond around 15 years ago, this was one of many. Over time each pond improved with better filtration system, providing better care for the koi. 


The Tropco

After over 20 years of operating one of the largest and most successful Ornamental fish farms in the country together with 10 years of operating Carpco and sending over 100000 boxes of Ornamental Fish direct to customers doorsteps, we have decided to take the plunge and offer Tropical Fish to our customers as well.

No longer is it necessary to visit your local aquatic centre for your aquarium stock. You can order directly from us and have your tropical fish delivered direct to your door. A saving of money for you and a reduction in stress levels for the fish. Bio-security is extremely important and it goes hand in hand with the quality of fish that we sell. We welcome visitors to the farm by appointment but please do not be offended if we ask you to disinfect your shoes in our footbath. We understand the disease risks associated with many imported fish and we do not intend to ever see them here! We are very careful to only source the best and healthiest tropical fish stocks from around the world.

  • Great selection of fish at affordable prices

  • One of the largest tropical fish suppliers in Europe 

  • Overnight shipping to your door


Newlyn pets

Est since 1987, we are a very experienced, reputable family run pet shop and aquatics centre in Bradford West Yorkshire. Over the years we have grown from a family pet shop to one of the leading stockists of cold-water fish. In the last 15 years, we have become specialists in Fancy Goldfish. We were very proud in 2019 to become one of a handful of stores to be able to stock and promote “The Fancy Goldfish of Excellence“ brand.

Here at Newlyn Pet Shop we offer a wide range of support and advice to all our customers to ensure they can take good care of their pets. We provide a good range of equipment, accessories, toys & pet foods for all your needs.

  • Leading supplier of fancy goldfish in the UK 

  • Family run shop with great customer service

Finest filters

Finest Filters is a trading name of Finest Aquatics LTD. We are a UK based manufacturer and distributor of aquarium and pond filter media and equipment. We also distribute water filtration components suitable for drinking water applications.

Finest Filters specialise in the manufacture and distribution of high quality aquarium and pond filtration media. All our products are manufactured to the highest possible standard, under strict quality control measures. Finest Filters trade from a 15000sq/ft warehouse in the North West of England, where our products are manufactured and distributed. Our primary focus is aimed towards the manufacture and distribution of compatible aquarium and pond filter media, however bulk medias such as Activated Carbon, Zeolite and Phosphate Remover are stocked.

  • Massive selection of filters and filter media 

  • Huge brand, new retail store offering fish from all corners of the earth

  • Shop here for all your filtration and media needs.

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  • Top quality imports from Thailand

  • Special hand selection for specific rare variety and colour variations

  • Quarintine services available

We are a part of Siam Aquatics or known as Siam Betta UK. We are an experienced, reputable family run business relocated from Thailand to the UK.  We started off with Betta fish in year 2015. Over the years we have grown and started supplying Fancy Goldfish in 2020.  We source our fish from aboard, mostly Thailand, buying the very best Fancy Goldfish we can possibly find, thus giving the customer an opportunity to acquire some quality goldfish. 

We offer our customers a wide range of support, advice and aftercare to ensure they can take good care of their fancy goldfish.