ABOUT Fancy Goldfish fanatics (FGF)

FGF was founded in 2020, with the aim of creating a Facebook group for fancy goldfish keepers across the UK, to share advice, knowledge and most importantly, sell/exchange their fish to other hobbyists without worrying about any fees or rules. The group grew rapidly, and in just 3 months (January 2021) had over 3000 members! It was time to start the FGF Youtube channel to help educate and inform hobbyists all across the world. The Youtube channel grew steadily with videos on basic advice, parasite dilemmas, treatments, product reviews, as well as hobbyists aquarium tours. Shortly after, in May, the FGF Instagram page was launched to promote the free competitions and news, as well as to share some great fancy goldfish pictures. 

As the FGF brand continues to grow, it is clear that we will expand the Youtube channel and aim to reach out to more hobbyists, and share the wonders of this great hobby. In future, I hope to create a nice line of calico/ cow Ranchu to share with the British public and hopefully, one day have event days for people to attend.  FGF will always be a free service accessible to everyone across the world and in the future, there will hopefully be opportunities to support us through merchandise, fish purchases and raffles. 

If you aren't already part of the Fanatics family, then head over to our social media page to follow us. We run many competitions throughout the year from 24 days of Fishmas, to free product giveaways and even a virtual show! As the Fanatics family grows, we hope to have more discounts and giveaways we can offer members and maybe even some social events.  Thank you to all the existing members and future Fanatics family. Happy fish keeping

As the Facebook page group grew rapidly throughout 2021, with the help of a great team of moderators, to ensure the group is kept clean and happy, with no incorrect advice or information being given out. Some special mentions include: John Paul Bannag, Gina Blundell, Carla Marie Lynnette and Hannah Lane; who have assisted me from the beginning of the Fancy Goldfish Fanatics journey, up until today. As the group has continued to grow, more moderators have joined the team and FGF has developed many partnerships with numerous businesses and social media influencers. If you haven't already, check out our recommended retailers for a range of fancy goldfish to suit all budgets. Without the support of our great retailers, FGF wouldn't be what it is today!