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Welcome to Fancy goldfish fanatics!

Growing your hobby one step at a time


Welcome to Fancy Goldfish Fanatics, home to all things fancy goldfish. The brand tailored to keeping and raising high-quality fancy goldfish. We aim to teach and guide all Fancy Goldfish Fanatics through the fundamentals and excitements of this great hobby. Make sure to follow us on all our social media platforms for announcements, competitions and educational videos.

Goldfish Treatments


Click below to see our easy Goldfish care guide. Bringing you the most important bits without all the reading!

Click below to use our quick treatment guide for a range of parasites, bacterial and fungal issues.

Goldfish care


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Recommended retailers


Star fisheries

The largest supplier of Goldfish in Europe, with a range of high and show quality fish available! 


Supplies 100's of tropical fish all over the country, with regular shipments of good quality fancy goldfish.

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Finest filters

Supplier of filters, media, pond equipment, fish food, Ro units and much much more!


TH Goldfish

Specialist in top quality, rare, imported goldfish. So if you're looking for that special something, then come check them out!


Northants Goldfish

A great selection of both goldfish and koi! Northants Goldfish offers a large variety of fish from numerous Thai breeders.


Newlyn pets

With one of the largest selections of goldfish in the north of England, Newlyn pets will have something for all budgets